The Organization

Adam put me onto this page, Accidentally Turing-Complete. Trying hard to not go down all those rabbit holes of interesting but totally non-relevant articles! I have been prototyping some "program blocks", items that you can physically pickup and move around in a virtual space, and then snap together to create program flows, kind of like Unix command line apps that you pipe data through. The biggest issue is what the input (sensors) and output (effectors) would do in the prototype environment we currently have. The work has sort of stalled, a "solution" in search of a problem.

Oh, it is also the last day of winter, and i'm happy to see it go. It was actually a very mild winter, and i am quite thankful for that, we had enough other stuff going on to have to deal with a bear of a winter too! But still, good to be done with it.

Working on some documentation for the Flow project... Hooked into the EditorApplication.update event loop to allow for updating the names of the Flow components, regardless of their enabled state. This now lets them validate their own flows, and show debug info if they are improperly setup. Also, non-flow components can update the name as well, without having to know anything about flow, other than a magic string field flowName. I tried to avoid magic, but Unity itself uses it, so...

Hey, if you are into chill puzzle play, maybe checkout our game demo on steam? Triversal

Well, i did find some folks to follow using twtxt via the web-y, which is like an updated version of twtxt, but still built on the underlaying file format. Gods help me, i'm now thinking about writing a client for this. I'm about 99.99% sure this will not happen. More likely to look at the txtnish client, as there might be an easier way there for me to hack on it, rather than writing a whole new thing.

Totally going to start celebrating Imbolc! ☀️

Apropos of nothing, i really want some 🍩's. Like, a lot.

Finished with January! Really, February is the worst month of the winter, so, in my mind, we are almost done winter! Just have to get through this month!

Found some more interesting plain-text tools. The first twtxt I already setup with a feed here: No idea if i will keep it up, but i love how simple it is. This came from a discussion about all the work being done on "distributed platforms", to get away from the likes of Twitter and FB, and how they are so complex to work with. twtxt is so simple. I love it.

Next is klog a text file based time tracking tool. Again, love the simplicity. And really good documentation about the format.

Actually, both projects have great documentation. Which is lovely to see. I think the twtxt thing is kind of dead in the water, but i guess it is hard to know, since discoverability is very opaque. I certainly have no one to follow! :)

Homemade ginger-ale is pretty good. I didn't have "enough" fresh ginger, and even with less it turned out quite good. I think the Cream Soda was better though. Really want to do Root Beer next.

This article about using using {...} in code blocks is super interesting and helpful if you are a Unity3d code dev. I know i am going to probably (over) use this!

Doing some work on a networked game thing prototype. I really wanted to reduce the difficulty of getting all the things working together, and so am using Mirror and the Noble Whale components for match making, relay/nat traversal and position syncing. It was a surprisingly painless, and quick, process to get them working together correctly, and my basic player controller and visrep working. This might also be due to the fact that i've done a fair bit of networking work before, and have keep up with all these different technologies, but, still, i was surprised. I am quite critical of Unity and how they have been managing their first-party networking solution, or rather, lack of solution. But the community has filled the gap, and as much as i would much rather use a first-party networking solution, this has worked well, so far.

Now moving on to having a couple different types of controller in the game, so next is getting a character controller working. This is going to be a bit more complex due to having animation states to sync, but Mirror does have a Network Animator component, and i'm hopeful that this can be a drop-in-and-work...

Started watching The Crown last night. It was as good as everyone has been saying. Of course i stayed up far too late (early?), and watch the first 4? 5? Episodes. One nice thing about coming to this show "late" is that there are already several seasons for me to binge! So, if you haven't watched it yet, i give it a firm two thumbs up.

Just found out about WorkAdventure. It is very similar to a prototype i built a couple years ago in Unity3d. Looks interesting, wish it was easier to host, but i'll try it out!

With all the minecrafting going on, i though i'd look at using the VR setup... Vivecraft was what i tried out, and it is surprisingly good. Am going to keep experimenting with it, i don't think it will be good for creative building though. The movement is not as conducive to strafing/clicking... but maybe there are VR specific interactions that are good for building? I will do some searching around.

So, some shit has happened, and i'm not going to talk about it because i'll just end up screaming obscenities.

Setup Rss Bridge on the server, so i can get web-comics that are only posted to Instagram. Was very easy to setup, i also put it behind some basic auth so it doesn't get used by random yahoos. I guess this also protects from possible bugs/exploits in the code, since it is not open on the web to everyone.

Have been running a survival minecraft server for the kids and myself for ages. I have become more interested in running a creative server, and working on different architectural constructions. This comes from Rory getting into doing some builds from youtube tutorials, which i did not know was even a thing. Kind of amazing, actually. This might be the one i try out first... I guess i could also run both a survival and creative server.

Wow, i didn't know about spectator mode, have been using it to cruise through canyons and also peek underground at the massive cave systems. The world generator is pretty spectacular, i have to say.