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Am thinking about how to define the object data here, and how to search through all the things, if all the info is "encoded" as just text. With some links inserted, in the form of [[my link]].

Or do we encode type in the links as well? [[location:Kitchen]] or [[item:knife]]

These also have the issue of having more then one "Kitchen" -- these things have to be or have an ID which is the real key or identifier for that object. But nobody wants to use links like [[item:32]], even if, under the hood, when rendered, that becomes "knife" (being the "title" of that object, assume we have titles...).

or does it just become [[location:Kitchen_32]]? still a string, with an arbitrary extra bit added on? How does that render? How does Twine deal with that? Ah here is how -- they use [[Arbitrary String for Link Text|NameOfObject]] or [[Arbitrary Link Text->ActualObjectId]].

Sooo, how does an object's text look like?

This is the house's Kitchen. 

You can see a [[fridge]] and oven. A clean counter-top has the regular kitchen implements you might find. 

You can go to the first floor [[Hallway]]. There is also an exit to the [[Backyard]]. 

This is the fridge. It is in the [[Kitchen]]. 

You see in the fridge:

* [[Milk]]
* [[Eggs]]

A carton of Milk in the [[fridge]]. 


It is [[small]]

An other question about doing it this way is how to enable auto-translation for these values? If we are encoding meaning only via links to things, that makes it more important for the names of the pages to be actually accurate. If we are using a link to [[small]] as a representation of the meta-data about the size of a thing, that page-name better be correct in all the different languages... And consistent such that the french version also works, which can be tricky as there ins't a single translation, we have petite and petit, both of which need to map back to [[small]].

Is having static types, which might be language static, be easier? Yes. More difficult for other players/users to deal with? Yes. Does it matter? Can we still "just" use the idea of [[petite|small]], so the language specific text of the link is translated, but the link itself is still "english"... This would also allow for language specific links/object/names... OR we just use numeric ids and more formal definition of the objects params, which can then be dynamically translated... [[1256]] would be translated/rendered depending on what the "title" of that object is, and we could still do [[cuisine conviviale|1256]], where 1256's title could be "Kitchen"...

title: Kitchen
type: Location
id: 1256

The Kitchen is bright an airy, with large windows looking out on the Backyard. 

There is a door to the [[1255]] here, and also a [[1254]]..

title: Backyard
type: Location
id: 1255

The Backyard has a couple fruit trees, and a small stone path. There is also a bench. 

You can get to the [[1256]] from here. 

title: Fridge
type: Item
id: 1254

Just a plain old fridge. 

It contains:

* [[1253]]

Nope, i hate the id values. It should be "readable" links. :/ Maybe i just have to give up on "freeform" text editing, which "real" wiki's have... Or i just have to think about it more.