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Mason, Perry Mason

Finished the first season of the new Perry Mason show. Went into it only knowing that there had been an earlier series (the 1957 one), but nothing else. Really enjoyed the early 1930s setting, and the social turmoil of the first world war, great depression, prohibition and, sadly ever present, bigotry, racism and sexism. Happy to know that there is an in-progress second season, which is how i discovered the first, that i can just roll on to. John Lithgow was an unexpected delight. Also shout out to Canadian Tatiana Maslany as Sister Alice. I give it a 4/5.

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Wednesday on Tuesday

Finished the first season of the Wednesday tv show. The central mystery was not difficult to determine before the reveal, and the show followed many classic high school show tropes. However, the actors were all good, the sass crisp, and the world interesting. I give it a 3/5.

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Picard Season Two

Finished the second season of Picard. They managed to make the last 2 episodes much more interesting than the rest. It is a bit much that they always want to tie up or connect things back to the same set of a dozen individuals. This small group, the group we see in the shows, is responsible for like 80% of all the "important" shit that happens in the Star Trek universe. Anyway. I guess i'll start season 3 and see if it holds my interest. I give Season Two a 2/5.

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All the Media

We finally started watching Andor. I was put off by the (overused) trope of the kinda shady hero, in Cassian's intro. But by the second episode I was able to get into the show more fully. I think we have watched 4 episode now? Enjoying it, but not loving it.

There was an attempt to re-engage with the second season of Picard. That did not go so well. I may make my trudging way through it, but Ciara will not be joining me. I so want to love it, but it just misses, and feels... not as important as it is trying to be? Depending on how this season ends, i may continue on to the new third season, or let it go...

The Last of Us) continues to be my favourite tv show, another great episode. There are always things that "could be better", but really, dang, what a good show.

And finally, i watched Wakanda Forever. Similar to The Green Knight i'd heard from some folks that "it was not that good" and so was entering into it with low expectations. Also like The Green Knight, it exceeded those expectations, although not to the level of The Green Knight. The way in which they gave space to remember both Chadwick Boseman the actor and The Black Panther the character were well done. I give it a 3/5.

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Finished the first half-season of The Nevers. I enjoyed it, although there is enough story for 5 seasons in 6 epis odes. And just because you can show boobies and sex, maybe you don't have to? While there are a lot of things to quibble about, the 6th episode and Laura Donnelly are enough to keep me watching the rest.

Watched the first 3 episodes of The Last of Us. Wow. So good. Slightly alarming that the zombie plague is kinda science-y.

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Late to the party

Started watching The Crown last night. It was as good as everyone has been saying. Of course i stayed up far too late (early?), and watch the first 4? 5? Episodes. One nice thing about coming to this show "late" is that there are already several seasons for me to binge! So, if you haven't watched it yet, i give it a firm two thumbs up.

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Have been rewatching The Mentalist TV show over the past month or two on Prime. Ciara and I watched it when it came out, starting in 2008. I still enjoy it, but it becomes increasingly crazy around the character called "Red John". No spoilers, but the amount of suspension of disbelief starts to really ramp up in season 4, which is where i am now. I can't remember how many seasons we watched, but i'm sure we finished 4, and probably into 5? I'll see how long i can handle it. I do liberally use the fast-forward, just to get through so many of the episodes, and story lines that i don't really care about. Feel a bit bad about revisiting a TV show, when there is so much new stuff to watch, or so many other things to be doing. But sometimes you just want the easy, warm blanket.

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Had a very successful weekend, getting many items crossed off the "to do" list! Felt good. Also did some appropriate physical distanced visiting with a friend that i haven't seen in a month or two, mostly due to my own stresses and anxiety. Oh and we watched "Skyscraper" with The Rock. It felt like a movie that had a bunch of parts that could have been good, some that were not, and a great lack of a decent plot. Watching it at home, with no other expectations that it would allow us to zone out for 1.5h, it was successful... Mostly, with some plot holes and dumb-decisions and paper thin NPCs... So, not good, but .. ok? I don't really suggest anybody else watch it.

However, the final episode of Ted Lasso really payed off. That show, so fun and... wholesome? something? Just makes you feel good watching it. Does for me, anyway.

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Very excited to watch what is, i think, the last episode of this show. Have really been enjoying it, and am sad that this is it for a while!

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