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Couple of small things, got a huge flapper on my finger climbing last night. Had to tape it up. Was near the end of the session, so didn't really impact me too bad, other than hurting! Have been working on a game project in my "spare" time. Going well, really reduced the scope down (callback to How To Make Good Small Games), and this has enable me to do more in smaller chunks. Working on the audio now, and am looking at using L-Systems and usfxr for the "sound track". Lots to design and figure out yet, but am enjoying the constrained nature of the problem space. Will talk more about this game when i have a bit more done, at least some placeholder simple audio, and slightly better menus. Am also taking Basic Costal Navigation course, and it is pretty busy, so lots of time on homework and readings! Finally, the longer days are a real boon, as is the warming weather. Spring! Nice! Mental Health + 1!

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Passed the test for my ROC(M) license! I can now legally use a VHF radio on a boat! Was unexpectedly stressed about this course. Had to memorize the Phonetic Alphabet, and i found this really difficult. The written test was easy, but there is an oral part too, and that is what was kind of freaking me out. It was, in the end, all fine. And I did memorize it, so am all Oscar Kilo!

Now have the basic costal navigation course coming up, which does not freak me out as much, and should be more ... interesting? Have more skills to learn, which i'm excited about. Oh and i got some new tools as well!

Navigation Tools

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Boat Show

Took the day off on Friday to go to the Toronto Boat Show. While i was disappointed at the number of sail boats on hand, two!, it was still worth it to go. The overwhelming number of motor boats was, well, overwhelming, and impressive to see. We also had the opportunity to talk to many of the local clubs, which are all having open-houses soon, and so signed up to check them out. And then the "stuff", so much "stuff"! If we were already owners of a boat, whew, i think you could get most anything you needed, and a lot that you did not! Another plus were the seminars. I think we watched at least three, and they all had something that was worth the time spent. So, overall, good, but bummer not any sail boats!

Ah, and they did have a huge indoor "lake" created, that they were doing wake boarding on, which was pretty nifty.

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