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Droning On And On And On

A couple weeks ago, i was reading a post (i can't remember where...) that linked to this video "Earth Horns with Electronic Drone (1968)". It is an audio experiment by Yoshi Wada. Perhaps the best drone audioscape i have ever heard. Until my coworker Adam pointed me to This is a music piece that plays out over 1000 years. And it has an audio stream that you can listen to. I actually like Earth Horns more, but i can listen to the Longplayer piece forever, which is its own kind of nice. If you dig the drone genera, i would highly recommend both of these.

Other drone or drone-adjacent albums that i like:

Honestly, those are probably more in the ambient music genera, but hey, i like 'em, gonna link to them!

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On and on and on

Been listening to this track by Medio Mutante a lot today. Sad that the band broke up a decade ago. But good that i can still discover and buy their albums! Also, simply because of the name, reminded me of this movie "Acción mutante" that I watched back in the day at TIFF's Midnight Madness stream, like in '93... Actually, now that i think about it, i didn't watch it at TIFF, a film-nerd buddy came by with it and we watched it at my place when i was living in squalor on Spadina... Still must have been around 93 or 94...

Side Note, i kind of hate it when a bands main web presence is on facebook.

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