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Couple of small things, got a huge flapper on my finger climbing last night. Had to tape it up. Was near the end of the session, so didn't really impact me too bad, other than hurting! Have been working on a game project in my "spare" time. Going well, really reduced the scope down (callback to How To Make Good Small Games), and this has enable me to do more in smaller chunks. Working on the audio now, and am looking at using L-Systems and usfxr for the "sound track". Lots to design and figure out yet, but am enjoying the constrained nature of the problem space. Will talk more about this game when i have a bit more done, at least some placeholder simple audio, and slightly better menus. Am also taking Basic Costal Navigation course, and it is pretty busy, so lots of time on homework and readings! Finally, the longer days are a real boon, as is the warming weather. Spring! Nice! Mental Health + 1!

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Have been out climbing a couple times this week. First time in a while where my exercise level is reaching my desired goal. This is also, usually, the point at which i injure myself because i'm overdoing it. Keeping the "try-hard" levels reasonable is key. It is difficult as i really want to get on the wall, and give 120% to some interesting route. History has shown that i will regret it. History has also shown that i am not good at taking my own advice. I am hopeful that writing about it will make it stick.

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Had a good climbing session last night. Topped a v4 first try that i flubbed last session. Made it to the crux, which is the last hand/foot move on this v6. I do not think i have the strength to finish it, but was happy to have gotten so far on it. Was out early, right after Ciara got home, and so was also home early. Nice! I squandered that time however, and stayed up late editing together the climbing clips into a video. What is fun, i like editing stuff, but i probably should have gone to bed earlier!

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Five months later, not much change

My previous post about my feeling towards the indiscriminate use of blog content to feed the maw of 3rd party AI/search/ad-tech still stands, but! I do want to do some kind of publishing of my thoughts, and some of my work(s), and at least owning my own site is better than being beholden to others'. So it is the devil you know/control over the one you don't. Feels shitty, but maybe the least shitty.

On the other side of that coin, i have deleted reddit again, and will be working hard to convert that behaviour over to reading my library books (TPL and OverDrive, love the digital library system!). I have "Roadside Picnic" by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky borrowed right now. I watched "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkovsky, which is based on the book, and wanted a bit more insight into just what the hell was going on in that film.

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Big Climb

Did some excellent climbing in the Niagara Glen yesterday. Super beautify location. So different from all the indoor climbing I'm used to. The height is magnified as is the feeling of danger. It was quite overpowering on two of my climbs and really limited some of the following attempts I did. I am looking forward how this new perspective on height and danger will influence my indoor climbing. You know, once indoor climbing is a thing i feel safe in doing again!

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Bouldering In The Glen

Have been planning a trip to the Niagara Glen to do some bouldering with my climbing buddy Kristjan. Got the permit and waiver. We even got a swanky guide book, so we know which climbs are possible for our weak-ass-covid selves.

Now to work out all the stuff i'm going to bring, and how to manage it in 1 backpack, along with the crash pad!

Water, chalk, towel, food... First Aid kit... Climbing shoes. Hand Warmers. More Water.

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