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Good Small Game Project

The Good Small Game Project is still proceeding, in small steps. I have now implemented a step-sequencer in Unity, which uses the AudioClip.PlayScheduled() method, to allow for proper timing of the notes, regardless of the frame timing. The important thing for the game is being able to dynamically change the BPM, and have the sequencer react with as little lag as possible to those changes. And that i could easily swap out the different sequences. So far so good! I have a simple 16 note (4 bars of 4 quarter notes) setup working, with parallel sequences and linear sequences, each containing a number of tracks.

Next step is to experiment with Markov Chains and not L-systems as i had previously considered. I think the Markov Chain approach is better for on-going continuous changes to the output from the previous output. The L-System seemed like you would run it for a couple generations to create a "sequence", and then play that sequence, and then generate a new sequence. Not so much driving what comes next from what has already played. Anyway, we will see, once i get this working.

Also, while looking for something to test the sequencer out on, i found my Funklet book, a kickstarter from 2011. Oi. Amazing, was able to convert the beats into sequences no problem, and was grooving and funking out! Maybe the first practical use of this since i got it! Only took 12 years!

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