The Organization

So, some shit has happened, and i'm not going to talk about it because i'll just end up screaming obscenities.

Setup Rss Bridge on the server, so i can get web-comics that are only posted to Instagram. Was very easy to setup, i also put it behind some basic auth so it doesn't get used by random yahoos. I guess this also protects from possible bugs/exploits in the code, since it is not open on the web to everyone.

Have been running a survival minecraft server for the kids and myself for ages. I have become more interested in running a creative server, and working on different architectural constructions. This comes from Rory getting into doing some builds from youtube tutorials, which i did not know was even a thing. Kind of amazing, actually. This might be the one i try out first... I guess i could also run both a survival and creative server.

Wow, i didn't know about spectator mode, have been using it to cruise through canyons and also peek underground at the massive cave systems. The world generator is pretty spectacular, i have to say.