The Organization

John B is starting The Saints of Salvation, which i finished a couple weeks ago. Very interested to know what his review of it will be, as i have some thoughts and would love to discuss!

Posted to mastodon about the work i have done to reduce image sizes and got the most feedback ever. Which was enheartening. Next steps are going to be looking at the HTML and CSS and all that, trying to simplify it. Ideally to make it "readable" just as text. I'm not sure that is a realistic goal, considering how many links i use. Even in my markdown "raw" file the links are kind of horrible to read. I could do the reference thing, rather then in-line, which would help, i guess. But only with the raw file, the HTML will still have all those anchor tags and their hrefs in-line.

I do like looking at the server logs, and seeing what all the bots are requesting. Most are, i assume, looking for easy server exploits, of commonly run scripts or packages. Amazing that there is so much action going on that you just never see.