The Organization

In a bit of coincidental timing, Plurrrr points to an article about the mythical "fast" web page, which is kinda what i was thinking about yesterday with the 250kb Club stuff. I want to be showing photos here. I could do more to optimize those photos, make them more space efficient. And i guess i'm less worried about size and weight then i am about bigger costs? The cost of electricity to move all those bytes. For folks on low-bandwidth devices or just less access to data... I didn't use to care about any of this stuff, but from hundred rabbits, SolarPunk and LowTech Magazine i've been thinking about it more. I am the one with free time and resources to make my shit better, i should not be pushing that off onto others to deal with. For instance, could have low res or highly optimized versions of the images for the posts, but then high res versions behind a link. Simple.

So, wired up the use of sips to resample the width of all incoming images down to 800 pixels, and then used ImageMagick and Mogrify to bake in rotation and strip out all metadata.

mogrify -auto-orient -strip <file>
sips --resampleWidth 800 <file>

I've also got the click-to-see-original-image thing working too.

Feels better having done that. A virtual weight off my shoulders... All those Bytes, now freed!