The Organization

Oh, just got my Random FUN Generator pdf from SJG. Excited to read through it and try some of these out!! Of course i am now also looking for fun and interesting looking dice... Wonder if Dispel Dice will ever be open to just D6s...

Beautiful Dice
OMG Candy

Reading through the zeroMQ book and now i want to do a distributed application! So sad that i just have to stick with multiplayer network games.

Did some work on a 2d car physics project over the weekend. The classic Car Physics for Games (archived it locally) article is the basis for this work. Got the weight transfer stuff working for acceleration and decelerations. Then on to turning, and tire slip and rotational velocity. I think i have most of this working in my head. I am still interested in a model which is expressly not a "realistic" simulation, as we know that, for the non-diving-simulation kinds of games we want to make, players actually want a much more arcade-y feel driving experience. Tuning that feel is the tricky part. And that is what i want this car controller to make "easy". I have a much greater understanding of car physics then i did when we made AutoAge, and also what makes for good car driving feel. So hopefully, i can make a component which allows for easier tuning of those "feel" parameters. It is an ongoing process.

Got the holiday-cheer lights up, tracked down and acquired a tree for the house. Culture has its way, and i do feel better seeing all the lights on the houses in the darkness which comes so early these days.

Also learned about wget and using it to download a copy of a site or url.

wget -r --no-parent
via HowToGeek.